Breaking News on “Cabaret” an Evening of Dance and Art

Posted on February 14th, 2010 by Carolyn Miller.
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Classical ballet troupe brings cabaret to town
2/7/2010 12:33 AM
Staff writer

The USC Aiken Convocation Center will transform into a cabaret-style restaurant for one night.On Thursday, Feb. 25, the Columbia Classical Ballet will deliver an evening called “Cabaret: An Evening of Dance and Art” featuring jazzy performances while attendees dine surrounded by some of the area’s finest artists.

Dances will be performed to jazz, Latin beat, Gershwin, blues, Glenn Miller and more. The Columbia Classical Ballet performs under Artistic Director Radenko Pavlovich, a native of Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, who was coached by Grand Ballet master Rudolph Nureyev.Each year, the Columbia Classical Ballet brings in dancers from around the world, including Japan, Russia, Hungary and Brazil.Aiken resident and artist Carolyn Miller had the opportunity to experience the program in Columbia and shares her thoughts on the event.“The colors, the music, costuming and the dancers were spellbinding and brought the house down with shouts, whistles and stand-up applause over and over and over again. Jazz, interpretive, Cuban, hip-hop, the Cuban beat tango … starts slow and smoky … mauve colors and dusky blues and slow sensual tango dancing … with two couples ending up in a frenzied Latin tango beat with 12 couples. At the end, the whole place was on their feet. Wait until you see what our very own Convocation Center is bringing to Aiken.”

In addition to the dancing, 12 artists from around the CSRA will display their works of varying mediums including watercolor, pastel, ink, oil, acrylic and sculpture. Local artists participating in “Cabaret: An Evening of Dance and Art” event include Miller, Carolyn Bohn, Jennifer Courtennay, Deborah Ferguson, Leslie Hutto, Mike Kleiman, Ron Krenta, Ruth Pearl, Jane Popiel, Carol Sue Roberts, Deborah Tidwell-Holtzschieter and Pamela Wilson.

Ticket prices are $45 for a table seat on the floor that includes heavy hors d’oeuvres and beer and wine starting at 5:30 p.m. and $22 for lower-level seating.

Tickets are $19 in the lower level for groups of 15 or more. Groups can call Katie Wells at (706) 262-4573 to reserve tickets.

Tickets are available at the USC Aiken Convocation Center box office, or charge by phone at (866) 722-8877.

For more information, call 643-6901. For more information on the Columbia Classical Ballet, visit


Learning from the Artist Jim Harrison

Posted on October 18th, 2009 by Carolyn Miller.
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Learning from the Artist

on Saturday Sept. 26th in Denmark with Jim Harrison.

by Carolyn Miller

The Second Workshop in Denmark, S.C. given by Mr. Harrison was attended by approximately a dozen artists including , Pat Marranci, Jane Popiel and Carolyn Miller of the Aiken Artist Guild. Mr. Harrison allowed pictures and no questions were off limits again as to technique or his history. The project chosen for this workshop was the Palmetto Trees and Marshes of S.C. with concentration on basic laying in of background colors and building up of foreground subjects and lighting. Particular attention was discussed regarding “values”. Mr. Harrison shared his palette, color mixing technique and application methods. “Never, ever paint what you don’t know or haven’t studied”, said Mr. Harrison. Go LOOK at your topic and paint from life where you can. Again, the “one hour” workshop turned into a lunch break at the Mennonite Bakery across the road followed by more demonstration and questions and answers until around 3:00. Light drinks and snacks were supplied by Mr. Harrison and the $50.00 fee gave all workshop members a credit back in the gallery towards prints…!!! We all got a sneak peek at Aiken 175th Anniversary print Jim will have for Aiken during our celebration. Pictures attached are of his workspace, the completed project and the two ladies, Lynn and Teri who run his gallery and keep him on track.




Figurative art exhibit

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Figurative art exhibit opens Friday
3/11/2009 12:23 AM
Staff writer The Aiken Standard

More than 100 pieces of artwork will be on display this week as many artists have come together to present “Exposition De Nus Artistiques.”

The 5-day exhibit will open to the public Friday from noon to 7 p.m. and is located at No. 10 Downing, 241 Laurens St.
The event will continue Saturday, Thursday, March 19, Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21.Carolyn Miller, one of the artists with work being featured in the show, said the exhibition will showcase figurative art - art created from real objects.
Miller said artists from Savannah, Atlanta, Aiken and Augusta have contributed work to the exhibition.

Several types of art will be on display during “Exposition De Nus Artistiques” including, graphite, pastel, acrylics, oils, mixed mediums, ink and sculpture. Some of the work being featured also includes nude art. “We’re trying to educate and expose people to good, figurative art,” said Miller. She said people will also find the work affordable. According to the artist, the pieces being sold will be priced to “fit anyone’s pocketbook.” Miller said the event will mark Aiken’s first figurative art exhibition, which she said is growing in popularity throughout the country.

Featured artists in the exhibition includes, Miller, Al Beyer, Susie Chisholm, Will Fahnoe, Deborah Ferguson, Jeff Ford, Kim Guillermo, Marilyn Hartley, Leslie Hutto, Bea Kuhlke, David Mascaro, Elizabeth Moretz-Britt, Ruth Pearl, Jane Popiel, Deb Sandberg, Michelle Wynn, Beverly Zimmer, Richard Webster and Matt Lewis.

A special Artists Reception will be held on March 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. during which all of the artists will be present to discuss their work.

Wine and hor’ devours will also be served at the reception.

Miller also notes the significance of the location of the exhibition, which was once the home of James M. Legare’, a poet, composer, novelist and an inventor.

Miller said she researched Legare’ in the State Department of Archives and History and found that he was an award-winning inventor who had a successful experiment involving what we know today as plastic.

“This brings us full circle to the plastics piece that yet remains in his old art studio, now connected to the old home,” she said.

“So, it is with pride that 20 artists now open the Legare’ home to the public to present their art, also hung on the walls alongside the old panels Mr. Legare painted in his art studio.”

For more information on “Exposition De Nus Artistiques,” call Miller at 649-7909.



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Reinvigorated artists’ work on display!

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Reinvigorated artists’ work on display
By Tony Baughman
Staff Writer

Theirs is a sisterhood of the brush.
Seven local artists, one common love, and now the chance to display their works together in a single place.
Dale Chew, Jennifer Courtenay, Suzanne Hulligan, Carolyn Miller, Jane Popiel, Barbara Walcher, and Pamela Wilson gathered at Hitchcock Healthcare on Thursday to hand their florals, seascapes, and equine art in the lobby.
The 25 pieces will hang in the lobby through March.
“There’s about seven of us that have renewed our art that we set aside for years to raise families and so forth.” Miller said, “We’ve come together and found the joy of art again, and we decided to come together here because we enjoy being together and doing the artwork.
In the past seven months since picking up her brush again, Miller has created almost 40 works of art. One of them now on display at Hitchcock Healthcare, called “The First Mount,” is a tribute to the center’s namesake — a pencil and ink sketch of Louis Marie “Lulie” Eustis, known as the “Queen of the Winter Colony,” who was married to revered sportsman Thomas Hitchcock.
Dale Chew studied art in high school but hadn’t painted much since until two years ago, when she moved to Aiken. She has since created 15 or so watercolors and pastels, and two of them are now hanging at Hitchcock Healthcare.
Barbara Walcher has been painting off and on for most of her adult life but switched from oils to watercolors two years ago. Jane Popiel is a draftsman by trade, but her business card also proudly touts her watercolors of people and pets - featuring a lifelike painting of her two granddaughters and a neighbor’s cat.

Collectively, these talented women are telling all of Aiken through their various media, from graphite to pastels, how much joy they draw from their rekindled art.
“I’m new to Aiken, I moved here last May, and making new artist funds and gearing back up and painting - rather than doing the architectural design I’ve been doing for years — it’s nice.” Popiel said. “It’s a wonderful camaraderie between us, trying to help each other out, joining together and trying to show out works and get our names our there. This has been a very nice opportunity.”


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